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The Seven Hills Chess Club


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Meeting Minutes

We will inform our members and the general public of what happened at our Executive Board meetings on this page. The Seven Hills Chess Club Executive Board meets the second Monday of every month between August and May in Mr. Abineri's room at 12:30 P.M.

Events sponsored by The Seven Hills Chess Club this year

Homecoming 2000 - Chess Club Homecoming King and Queen
1st Annual Blitz Challenge
Chess Development Program - purchased 13 chess boards
3rd Annual Seven Hills Chess Tournament
Class of 2001 Senior Awards
ILC Class of 2001 Congratulations Advertisement

2001-2002 Executive Board Nominees

Neeraj Singh ('03) - President
Gabriel Pagani ('03) - Vice President
Ben Tepperberg ('03) - CFO
Alex Maggio ('03) - Secretary
Frederick Hall ('05) - Head of Public Relations
Noah Bendix-Balgley ('02) - Head of Fundraising
P.G. Sittenfeld ('03) - ILC Representative
Aaron Bendix-Balgley ('05) - Head of Underclassmen Affairs

General Procedure for Confirmation

Essentially, all of the above executive board members have been confirmed because they have all been approved, but we are awating the results of the confirmation meeting that the 2000-2001 Executive Board will hold on May 17th. The heir to the Chess Club throne has not yet been determined. The heir needs no confirmation since he will be the highest ranking non-senior/non-faculty member in the 3rd Annual Seven Hills Chess Tournament. He will be crowned by current Chess Czar Yuri Goykhman at a special awards assembly on May 10th. The heir to the chess club throne acts as our resident chess master and is expected to promote chess throughout his domain.

Upcoming Events

5/24 - Awards Ceremony in Gym
5/28 - Chess Club Picnic
5/30 - New Leaders Officialy Take Over

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