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The Seven Hills Chess Club


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Members List

2001-2002 Members and Executive Board

Reigning Chess Czar: Kristian Lappalainen (3rd Place in 3rd Annual Classic Tournament, highest ranking non-senior/non-faculty member)

Executive Board:

Karan Goel ('01) - President
Luibasha Goncharenko ('01) - Vice President
Yuri Goykhman ('01) - CFO
Alla Khaskelis ('01) - Secretary
Philip Hall ('01) - Head of Public Relations
Andrew Ain ('01) - Head of Fundraising
Melvin Jones ('01) - ILC Representative
Alex Maggio ('03) - Head of Underclassmen Affairs

Teacher Advisors:

Mr. Abineri (Mathematics Department)
Mr. Wenger (History Department)


Chad Ashmore ('01)
Tim Balskus ('03)
Noah Bendix-Balgley ('02)
Fose Fu ('01)
Ron Gutmark ('01)
Kristian Lappalainen ('03)
Alex Maggio ('03)
Gabriel Pagani ('03)
Chris Pogue ('01)
Evan Polaski ('01)
Mel Schottenstein ('01)
Neeraj Singh ('03)
Nikul Shah ('01)
Eric Steichen ('01)
Ben Taylor-Fabe ('01)
Ben Tepperberg ('03)

Chess Club Member of the Month

For March, we had two members of the month.

Luibasha Goncharenko - for her help with raising money for earthquake victims in Gujurat, India and her help with many other events this year such as Chess Club's sponsorship of Homecoming 2000.

Alla Khaskelis - for her help with organizing our 3rd Annual Chess Tournament and making all of the notes for the competitors

Past Members of the Month:

Chris Pogue
Melvin Jones
Yuri Goykhman
Ben Taylor-Fabe

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