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The Seven Hills Chess Club


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Alumni Info

This is the place to keep in touch with fellow alumni members and send us updates on what you are up to.

Please send us any updates and we will post them here.

2001 College Matriculations

Andrew Ain - Miami University of Ohio
Chad Ashmore - University of Cincinnati
Rose Fu - Northwestern University
Karan Goel - University of Chicago
Luibasha Goncharenko - Cornell University
Yuri Goykhman - Carnegie Mellon University
Ron Gutmark - Stanford University
Philip Hall - Princeton University
Melvin Jones - Florida A&M University
Alla Khaskelis - Harvard University
Chris Pogue - University of Colorado at Boulder
Evan Polaski - Miami University of Ohio
Mel Schottenstein - Bryn Mawr College
Nikul Shah - University of Wisconsin at Madison
Eric Steichen - University of Pennsylvania
Ben Taylor-Fabe - University of Wisconsin at Madison

Latest Updates

None at the moment!

Alumnus Feature

Scott Danner (President '00) - after graduating last year and taking a year off, Scott Danner will be heading off to St. John's College in Maryland.

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