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The Seven Hills Chess Club
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Welcome to the official web site of the Seven Hills Chess Club!

Yuri Goykhman wins again!!! Czar Yuri won his final tournament at Seven Hills, quickly defeating the consistently tough Mr. Wenger. In the third place match, for next year's crown, Kristian Lappalainen defeated Ben Tepperberg in a long and drawn out match. Our awards ceremony was held in the Beehive at the Seven Hills Upper School on Thursday, May 24th at 8:15 A.M. along with the International Leadership Council 2001-2002 Executive Board announcement.

Our 2nd Annual Picnic was a lot of fun and we even developed a new partnership with the Sycamore High School Chess Team through the International Leadership Council.

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Chess Czar Yuri Goykhman has now won three straight tournaments at the Seven Hills Upper School.

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